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I'm going to have to make a new rule here as far as Tribe goes; when I say "within travel distance, I really do mean it."

I've had many a prospective show enthusiastic interest, but they've been more than three or four hours away from me. For some reason, even though I've got a high maintenance child and they don't, even though I'm not working and they are, I am being expected to do all the travel and to pay all the train fare to meet them, only to have them finally confess it really "is just too far". I don't have time for this rubbish. I've had several potential Consort meetups fall through because my time is VERY limited and I can only meet up on certain days - days they blow things off or things eventually go pearshaped. Said consorts then completely lose interest and go back to looking for someone closer for their fuck-buddy.

I'm beginning to understand why many a single mum just gives up and decides to stick with a vibrator instead...it's such a bloody pain getting all the logistics sorted to meet someone, especially if they're going to lose interest when things don't go according to plan.

Right, well enough whinging on that point.

In other news, I am gearing up for what I had formed up as a sort of gathering of people who can Feel Me - a Goth masked ball in Oxford. I came up with the idea several years ago as I couldn't understand why the Frouds (of Labyrinth/Dark Crystal fame) had to travel to the US to attend Faerie-Masked Balls when they live in Devon. I also was rather disgusted at how uninspired the Goth nights out were, coupled with the inability of the English to talk to anyone they didn't know. So, put a mask on them, give them a chance to express some creativity, drink wine out of a REAL glass as opposed to a plastic cup, and huzzah - instant debauchery! I'm impressed with the results. People go all out on their costumes, and in true gothic style, there are masked balls all over the place in London and other haunts, of which the organisers insist they had the idea years ago and of COURSE they were planning it all this time, dahling. Yeah, that's why I couldn't find any masked balls anywhere in the UK three years ago! But hey, now there's all these balls all over I can attend and not do any organizing for, which is brilliant.

It's nice to hide behind a mask and get your freak on; to allow yourself a bit of hedonism and chase. It's an expensive night out (I saved up nearly £1,000 for this whole evening over the past year) but it's definitely going to be FUN. People loosen up a lot behind a mask; no need to have a formal introduction for anyone to speak to you, plenty of smouldering glances behind plaster faces, and as far as I could tell last time, not a single person was having a bad time.

So it may not be MY tribe, but it certainly is A tribe, and I'm looking forward to it. It hopefully will give me some inspiration to keep looking for more tribe-ists in future.


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19th Jan, 2007 19:48 (UTC)
Just my humble opinion, but while I recognize that it is frustrating to have people flake out on you over something as simple as a meeting, perhaps it is for the best. It acts as an efficient screen to weed out the people that were probably going to flake out on you later, you know like after you had actually grown attached to them.

Being the responsible party sucks. And yes, it is lonely at the top, but as you put forth here about your masked balls (which sound fabulous by the way) that effort is what affects change in your environment.

I am impressed by your efforts. Keep your chin up, and rant as necessary to blow off steam! **grins**
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