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11th January 2007

Honestly, this has me giggling a bit; I've applied for work at a rather innovative store, with loads of chains all round the UK and US. It's based here in the UK, and most of the people who work at these stores are freaky in one way or another; vegan, or pierced and punky, or tribal-spiritual or whatever. I'm applying to learn to be a store manager which will be awesome as I'll be able to dress however I want and it won't be much of an issue (plus, yay for fancy soap and bathbombs and cosmetics).

It has also occured to me that I may meet some prospective people for Tribe; people would probably be rather interested in it if I networked as long as I was tasteful about it. I'd be in the freak-network and that's a perk.

That I'd also be training to be a manager of my own store and earning a decent wage while still managing to look freaky is also a big perk. Hell, the manager's partner is a fire-spinner and could probably teach me a thing or two. The possibility makes me grin.

So let's see how it goes, as currently I still don't have the proper networks to bring this together at the moment. Too many men who just think it's a screen for having orgies so they come charging, too many women who think it's the same thing so they run away! And also entirely too many people saying "If only you were here in the US..." *sigh*

But potential is there and lurking!


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