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So, here we are in Dark Tribe

I finally did it. I created this community. Whether anything happens with it remains to be seen, but we'll see what we can do.

Some basic concepts:

Vampiric (oh don't look at me like that, simple fact of the matter is most people want to shag a vampire, so hey, why not just accept our vamp-pervery? anyone claiming to be 400 years old in their mortal shell however may find themselves laughed at in an uncomfortable way). Pagan, Edge BDSM, yet intelligent, balanced, centred. I'm trying to get this all on paper before I start putting it together:

Staying small - I don't want a huge group. A huge group means drama. I also don't think we need to "advertise". We'll find people as we go. I'd say from age 25-45 age wise so there's no weirdness about age going on there. I am directly copying an idea here from Goddess Tribe as I agree with it. Direct quote below.:

So let's get this out of the way...if you're a sicko pedaphile we'll castrate you ourselves before turning you over to the police, and if you have issues with kids, go find someone else.

So, yes, creating a fun and pleasurable life that is compatible with real world living, here's our vision.

1. A Goddess oriented community. Why? We've just found it creates the most fun and harmony, and men who are strong enough to worship women as our immediate source of life without getting all threatened and insecure are awesome. There's the chivalry of Knights that men are so good at when serving the Queen, they have respect and honor, not faux-men so insecure they have to try to dominate and disrespect women. Also, Goddess worship creates a bond between women, no longer having to compete over men, it becomes fun to share everything.

(Also, in Goddess worship we are non-dogmatic and non-man hating unlike some supposed Goddess worshippers - if you're looking for a man-hate Femdom group, it ain't us, we love our brave Knights even if we like to tie them up, torture them, and do other other devious things...lol)...a special note to some "supremists"...if men are as a pathetic and worthless as you claim you are degrading that which births them as well: women. We all come from the womb...Get a clue, bitch..

Anyway, our Goddess rituals are FUN! Way more fun than worshipping a patriarchal god or a genderless-thing god ~ it's good glue for our community.

2. An Adult Playhouse. We see this as crucial because the family houses have too many distractions. So we want to have a Adult only playhouse nearby, preferably one with a private pool. We will definately have a fully equipped dungeon for BDSM play.

3. Goddess Tribe Polyamory: We feel that the tribe revolving around small polyamorous nests is the way to go.

4. Creativity. Having fun means enjoying our creativity: music, art, film, writing...creative expression is important and we want this to be fundamental to how we live.

5. A note about D/s. While we are a Goddess oriented group, we are not a strict "Femdom" group (although I personally love having male slaves). Some women do want to be submissive or slaves, and some like to switch, so we honor those desires rather than insist they be Dommes 100%. We prefer to leave the degree to which we play in the D/s world to the relationships themselves. One thing is clear though, we will not have patriarchal male Doms or men who do not authentically honor women. If you are not open to Goddess worship and fully participating in our tribal Goddess rituals, we are not interested you.

If you have any interest in me, now you know my vision, what we're creating, and if you think you want to be a part of it, write me and tell me how. If you're not interesed in supporting this vision, thanks for reading but we're not interested in you.

Please keep in mind, I don't care how big your tool is, how sexually talented you think you are, how horny you are, or how much money you have...if I don't like you and desire you in my life, it will not happen. It's great if you can buy us houses, but No amount of money is worth being around a disrespectful prick and we'd rather be poor and happy than rich and miserable with you. If you message me with lame lines such as "can I be in your tribe?" you'll get ignored. Write me something interesting, tell me about yourself, explain how we'll like having you in our vision with some degree of intelligence...writing "hi" or "you're so hot" just doesn't do it for me.

*chuckle* Amen.

I don't want to form up in a live together situation. Just a bunch of people who like one another, getting together in other people's homes if possible. If there's children involved we'll try and work round that but I do believe if someone has an issue with children or being around them because it cuts into shag time, they can go elsewhere.

Bisexuality - I dig this. I have no problems with transgender or anything else, but homophobic has GOT to go. As far as the visually appealing thing goes, yeah ok I understand as a fat chick I'm not sexy for most people - but I'm a very active fat chick. I do think it a requirement anyone who comes into things should be physically active and have at least one form of regular exercise as exercise balances the mind.

Drugs - I can deal with pot, I can deal with drinking. I cannot and will not deal with anyone using anything more extensive than pot, or even X. Extasy is just plain weird to be around for me and it puts my teeth on edge. I'm aware this means there goes most of the populace, but that's just the way it is.

Tantra - yeah I think it's cool. But again, edgy, edgy edgy is where I'm at, and if people are going to get bent out of shape about that it won't work. So some D/s BDSM leanings as well as being pagan or spiritual is cool.

Meetings - we meet together as regularly as we can, so it's a good idea to be close to one another. Meet once a month. Sex is NOT mandatory, but affection is.

Wow, I'm asking for a lot...

So, what are we seeking here, switches? More than likely. We get too many uber Dominants in the mix (especially dominant males) and we'll have a problem. An even number of men to women is probably good, and there should be agreement as to who joins up. Either everyone likes the person or they don't get it. I can see about three men, three women being what to aim for. They shouldn't have relationships outside the Tribe unless they come as a couple - too much potential for lies.

I DO have a potential Consort in mind who may be willing to join me in getting this going. It's really dependent upon where he's at and if we can come to some kind of agreement.


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