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Modelled after the Goddess Tribe of the US, the Dark Tribe is a group of artists, musicians, creative people, healers, polyamorous, tantric, bisexual, kink-friendly people in the UK who wish to form up a Goddess Tribe in the South-West UK. Seeking more to join provided you fit our requirements.

What We Are:

Tantric, spiritual, edgy, hedonistic, polyamorous libertines who have formed up a tribe or network for regular get togethers for rituals, fun and frolicks, a good glass of wine or just to have tea and sympathy. We're friends, lovers, and artists who want to share this sort of tribal "vibe" together as well as getting together for tantric rituals.

What We Aren't:

We are not swingers, cheaters, raging drug addicts, insecure people looking for the rest of the tribe to take care of us, or users.

How to Join:

For this particular tribe, we are looking for certain requirements, which are rather picky, but we're sticking to them. If you're interested in our tribe, or you wish to make your own and want to get some feedback, then you're free to join our community. However, this is a drama free zone and people who join solely to start an online flame war will just be removed without argument. Please note, as this is important: This isn't a debate corner - we're using this medium to find people of like mind. If you agree with it, then brilliant, join us, if not, then just move onto another group. We're not going to argue with you or convince you our way is the "true" way, or defend why we feel the way we do about it. We're doing this for us, and for people who are into it. If you're not, then fine, go elsewhere.

We're not a "commune" though there's no law against cohabitation. For myself, I don't want to form up in a cohabitating situation. Just a bunch of people who like one another, getting together in other people's homes if possible. If members of the tribe have children, that's fine - we'll all try and lend a hand toward the rearing as there's more to a tribe than sex. If someone has an "issue" with children or being around children because it cuts into shag time, they can go elsewhere. We're a tribe and a family and as such, we should be willing to assist when we can. At the same time, we all have our seperate lives and I think it's acceptable to live those as well. I'm actually a pretty private person who likes my space and while I love company, I also love it when they finally head on! I don't think that should make things more difficult - sometimes, it makes the time spent all the more precious.

Bisexuality, omniviant, or pansexual most welcome. Homophobes need not apply; if being naked with people of your same gender in the same room weirds you out, you're probably not going to get on with us. I know people have jobs and things and therefore cannot be too open, so we don't ask that anyone flaunts who or what they are, or what they're into. We can be discreet, but there's a difference between discreet and embarassed, and you shouldn't be ashamed to be around us in any way.

Drug use - I can deal with pot, I can deal with drinking. I cannot and will not deal with anyone using anything more extensive. Extasy is just plain weird to be around for me and it puts my teeth on edge. I'm aware this means there goes most of the populace, but that's just the way it is. With this said, we obviously aren't your Mum and can't stop you from indulging when you're not around the tribe, just please don't do it at our gatherings and ritual time.

Age requirements - 25-45 respectively. Too young and I don't think the maturity is there, regardless of what many say to the contrary. Too old and it may make the younger ones feel uncomfortable. Exceptions can be made (I know some fantastic 50+ men), but it needs to be taken on with the whole tribe in mind.

Size of tribe - I'd say three men, three women. All should be relationship free outside the Tribe, or their significants willing to join with us without jealousy issues or hangups. We're not going to be anyone's dirty little secret. The tribe itself will decide who shall enter and who shall not; it's a group decision which has to be unanimous. I know that's difficult, but if even one person really dislikes another, it will throw off the whole energy of the tribe.

Physical/Emotional/Mental/Spiritual health This is sticky, but needs to be addressed; most artists are a bit on the edge of things in all regards. That's not an issue as long as you have it under control either by medication or other coping mechanisms. But an out of control person puts stress upon the tribe, and won't be tolerated. As far as the "Physically attractive" things go, again, it's sticky. We're attracted to certain people, and we're NOT attracted. Yeah, ok I understand as a fat chick I'm not sexy for most people - but I'm a very ACTIVE fat chick; I go to the gym, I bellydance, I walk nearly everywhere. I do think it a requirement anyone who joins our tribe should be physically active and have at least one form of regular exercise they partake of regularly. Exercise focusses the mind and spirit and keeps in balance, but we're not seeking hardbodies - it would be nice, but we're being realistic here. I would hope we're all evolved enoughemotionally and spiritually to never say "sorry, you're too fat/thin/tall/black to have our love and respect" if someone is really a beautiful individual who makes an effort on all levels.

At the same time, personal hygeine is a must and being disease free is also a requirement. Responsibility is paramount; if you're having sex with someone outside the tribe please have the sense to use protection.

Dark Tribe, the New Swinger Club....NOT People shouldn't join the tribe solely because they think it's going to be a regular alternative to a swinger party. There has got to be some real emotional feeling and friendliness, love and compassion, creativity, and really enjoying being around one another. I'd even put sex as pretty secondary to that primary feeling of being with friends and loved ones to hang out and chat and make art and help one another if need be. There shouldn't be any pressure to shag - some days we're just not feelin' it, you know? So I'd say "sex isn't required; affection is".

D/s, Kink, and Vanilla - in my opinion there is no such thing as "vanilla". Everyone is a bit kinky, even if it's just a little bit. Sensuality is kinky, hedonism is kinky, bisexuality is kinky. I don't have a label, and I won't enforce a label on anyone else. If you like playing with feathers, do it, if you like knives and needles, then great, come see me *grin*. If all that utterly weirds you out then that's fine too, don't worry, you're not going to be a guinea pig. The only problems I forsee are if we get any male dominants in (mostly due to the ego clashes that tend to happen - and argue all you like but right now that's my stance on things), or either kinky or vanilla people who refuse to at least try and melt a bit into the other side of things. Anyone who is 100% kink "ON" or 100% "missionary position and be quick about it" probably won't be happy in the tribe. I'm a Dominant woman, but there are times I just want to lie there. I don't think that makes me submissive or less dominant. There are times a supposed vanilla person may want to be restrained; that doesn't make them a slave. Because of the Goddess/Feminine focus, full on Dominant men aren't going to be a good fit for us.

Spiritual focus I'd have to say spirituality is really important to the tribe function. It doesn't matter overmuch what KIND of spirituality, but as "Worship of Feminine" is going to be quite a bit of the focus of the tribe, then the more pagan/wiccan/tantric followers may find this comfortable for them. Ritual does definitely come into play quite a bit, because I find ritual to be fun, soothing, almost like putting on a play as long as it isn't too serious. Women tap into their own beauty in ritual and are often surprised how much their confidence boosts, and men allow themselves to put aside their Alpha-Male facade society forces upon them and can show their appreciation. This doesn't put the Masculine on a secondary role, and it doesn't exclude the transgendered either...there are ways to honour all that without making it a rigid "this is how it is done" thing. We'll laugh and join up on various holidays, light our candles, drink our beer and generally have loads of fun because, in the end, that's what rituals are about. If you're not willing to partake of that, then you won't enjoy our time with the Tribe.